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Okay,first,let understand the terms "Due diligent".
What does it means?
According to wikipedia
Due Diligence is a term used for a number of concepts involving either the performance of an investigations of a business or person, or the performance of an act with a certain standard of care.It can be a legal obligation, but the term will more commonly apply to voluntary investigations. A common example of due diligence in various industries is the process through which a potential acquirer evaluates a target company or its assets for acquisition.Hence,due diligent Should be taken into before you join a MLM or Networking company.
Check at the MLM company's website.We need to look area such as -Any street name or city address availabled ?-Any phone number ?-Email address only ?Then,look for the pictures of the owner of the company.
Without having all these infos on a website are very good reasons you should avoid joining their program.

Tool to be used : 
Google Earth

The satellite will locate the mlm company office.If it came out as address = house or home?
The answer of whether to join is strongly a "No".

Do not joined If a company talking only bank wires or T/T, money order or or cheque.
An honest company allows refund within 30-90 days money back quarantee and usually they are using payment processor such as Paypal,alertpay,e-gold,safepal,liberty-reserve,perfect money and so on.
I encourage buying using payment processor like Paypal as Paypal allows you cancel to your subscription at anytime if you are disastified with the product or service you received or undelivered to you.Today,many advertisers not so like to use paypal,I think majority having this because of this advantages to the customer point of view and disadvantages to them.Thus,you can see many other payment processors suddenly are more welcome.This might be mainly my own personal point of view.You are invited to judge it by yourself.Therefore,try to avoid sending money by courier services via Fedex ,DHL or UPS.This most probably a SCAM ! Beware ! Run !

Next,go to your Internet browser and enter the following into one or two of the major search engines:-Insert the mlm company's name with the owner if possible and the word "Scam".Few pages appeared about "Scam".look at forum comments for legitimate complaints (There are sad sites and forums that are unfairly negative toward all MLM - Network Marketing companies .Ignore these "Anti-MLM Zealots" and only look for suitable information.
A good networker will ignore 99% of their B.s.!)

Repeat this for "lawsuites,Complaints etc.
-Next,check the domain registered by who and any newly formed,launched company claiming statement such as Amazing,incredible,never you heard before,pre-launch,get rich quick,how you make money without advertising and so forth.
Further,check whether a registered company already existed for atleast 6 months to 1 year
by using this link,

Please no need or no neccessary of checking yours or mine.
We are just an Independent contractor or affiliate/network marketer :-)

My weapon: Alexa can give you Internet Web Ranking Due Diligence that on 1 out of 10,000 know about.Get rip of scammersters by the throat when they try to annoy you repeatedly,attemp to change your mind to join their program.The question here is What is Alexa Toolbar? Secret tricks? Spy ware ? Alexa,is a totally FREE powerful tool.If you are an active or a just new Networker,your friend or maybe a stranger gets on the phone trying to sell you how quickly the company he/she is with is growing and you should get in before others.
Normally they tempted you by sending you with well written ready-made sales pages that promised you to make big money and without you do not have to do anything or just put a little effort and then see the money grows.
With Alexa as your free toll,you have the power with you,
90% of the time you are going to be abled to get their mouth shut !
What you do do is pull up their company’s home page, you will discover what the company is doing and how well the company is.
The Alexa tells you where a website ranks on the internet for visitors.The lower the number the better. Before you make a comparison.The first info you must having in your mind is that a rank of 100,000 on Alexa means approximately 130 visitors a day.
As an example: if the rank of their website 13,282,515 ,this means this site sucks big time.
Whoever if the website ranks 55,000 it is really hot !
Download Alexa now :
For Internet Explorer browser's user
For Firefox browser's user
More read :
Alexa Makes Big Changes To Traffic Ranking Protocol

Tips-Do not spend more than US$500 to begin.Some companies advertised and said joining is free.These company must be a registered company.Avoid joining a company if there is no way to join for under US$500.Do not risk yourself by joining a no registration "Bisiness opportunity"that asking
you to pay over US$500.
They may get shutdown at any time.So,why join ? Useful link to read on.

Go to the Better Business Bureau website for the city where the MLM-Network Marketing Company is located.Most are free.We are looking for the number of complaints the BBB has NOT resolved. If there are over 2-4, hold off joining, it very well could mean problems. Although you are encourage to overly trust but it can be a good indicator. Direct link to BBC's site,

Becareful of an email solicits you to a hot or super hot MLM program.Don't believe promises of get rich quick,join before too late etc.Avoid all such hype or hypes tempted you all the time resulted you lost more money by joining this and that program because you seen it so nice and felt losing behind of making money to others who you think will join even you don't.It is important that you have the awareness of a campaign with a disclaimers like this ,"This is not a pyramid scheme or scamTo my understanding,a legitimate offers do not carried such claims.Hence,as long as you get to see or hear a "Get rich quick" program,you must close one eye and totally ignore it.The same applys to "It sound too good to be true ,because it usually is !. You do not have to advertise, we will advertise for you, all you have to do is just sit down,relax and see the money grow.Summore, an ad tells you that you will make money US$1000 ,US$2000,US$4,500 per day ,I will show you how to get 1000 referrals in 3 days,5 days or 1 week.Come on, there is no such thing as easy as you think,how you think is also how people think,for just few simple and easy written words in a well design pages,they managed to get you send them money overand over again. Later,they will send you more links (make new program) for you to join.They always claimed,please hurry,join before other will.What this ? This is not tempting ? This is not luring you to join and send money quick? So,who makes the money ? The people that created the salespage ,the people that just registered a new domain.They are hungry looking for you.They are waiting for you too feed them with your hard earn money.Now, do you realised how silly we are ? Therefore, please stop it ,stop right there and stop right now.Enough is enough.Stop being a victim from now on !The fact is like any good Home Based Business, MLM or Network Marketing takes some time and more effort from us before we can see the result that actually let us make real money.So,please be think more wisely ,logically and consciously.Get out there as soon as you can.
Join one that had many proven sucessful people in it and those people that are passion in helping you achieving your dream making money by working from your home.

Use our common sense
Don’t be too excited about money.A smart thing to do is try to spend some money on the products and serviced that had been sold.Trying is a good way to test a company.

Usually before we join any company,we have to agree by signing their Terms and Conditions (TOC) included their policies & procedures.Bear in mind,the distributor Rights Association says they shouldn't be over 15 pages long.Therefore,don't sign if we don't feel comfortable about the agreement.

Lastly but not the least,
If a payplan only pays for signing up new people and not sales of Products/services,avoid this !
Their aim mainly using us helping them to get
more referrals for free.My final advise is becareful by taking all these points as the precaution steps before finalizing your decision to join any company.

Finally,allow me for taking this opportunity by saying to you in an humbly,low-tune and politely manner :
Best of luck to you and wish you a big success in your entire internet career."All the best from me.Wish your dream working from home come true.Yours truly,

Stop being A Victim